When it comes to saving the planet, there is no 'try'.

So we are making the efforts to do what's right.

We do our best to be grateful to our Mother Earth, because we like her, and we know how important it is to leave less of a footprint.

Every day we work on our commitment to becoming a more eco-friendly brand. Here’s a peek at some of the initiatives we’re most excited about.

  • Non-toxic efforts

    The leather used to create a Jaald product is processed using traditional technique of “vegetable tanning” – which not only gives leather its unique natural characteristics but also is 100% eco-friendly.

    This process of vegetable tanning is a bit more time consuming but we take pride in showing our gratitude towards the environment by not polluting it.

  • Minimizing Waste

    We hate waste! We’re also not big fans of clutter so all of our excess scrap materials are used for sampling to minimize waste at our factories.

  • Reuse & recycle

    When we have some inventory with a little manufacturing defect, we donate them to charities so that they can live a second (or third) life.

    We love the fact that our products find new homes and can go to those in need.