Your Signature Style, Engraved in Leather.

At JAALD, we give you the pleasure of having your own handmade leather product.

Unlike products which are manufactured in factories, our aim is to make you feel truly special by making products that are truly unique and personal.

​This is who we are.

We build relationships for lifetimes, just like our leather.

We are Jaald

A small team of energetic souls who come from different backgrounds but have similar drive and passion for leather products.

When fate (okay, fate and a lot of hustle and hard work) intervened, we together formed Jaald - a company aimed at making high-quality handmade leather bags & accessories that are crafted using traditional techniques to ensure that each article is a work of art.

We love our products and we love making people happy with them.
Oh, and we’re really happy you’re here.

Behind the design.

We believe that good design is everything. Like, everything. It’s sort of our mantra.

From our materials to our process to our final product, everything is chosen and crafted for top-notch performance. And every little detail makes a big difference.

So each bag is skillfully handcrafted by our artisans who have learnt this art passed down through generations making eco-friendly leather bags and accessories for Jaald.